Indian head massage

Indian head massage, is a great alternative to body massage treatments.  If a person only has 40 minutes or so, or wants to fit a treatment within their lunch break, or appointments, this is easily done.  Also very useful when a person does not have the time to fully undress or clean oil off after a treatment, but they need to relax and de-stress in a shorter amount of time.


the benefits of Indian head massage

Its wonderful for relaxation, it provides relief for mental as well as physical stress.

Also useful for headaches, eye strain, or muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

It will help you sleep at night and allow you to recover vital energy. and of course feels great!

It helps a person combat daily stress, and as such will keep one in better physical and mental shape.  

Clearer thinking due to an increase of blood to the brain is usually noticed after an Indian head massage.

A loosening of the scalp will help hair condition and growth. It will also eliminate waste material from the body via the lymphatic system. 



                                  40 minutes £40                               

                                       1 hour £50

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