Dorn therapy (For back & joint problems)

What is the Dorn Method?

Dorn is a gentle, safe manual complementary therapy focusing on the cause of back and joint pain in people of ages.  It is used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints, targeting common health problems including:

  • Back pain  Neck pain  Headaches  &  Migraines
  • Joint problems such as Hip,  Knee, Shoulder, Elbow Ankle, Jaw 
  • Leg length difference
  • Sciatica   

The Dorn Method has its origins in southern germany founded by Dieter Dorn almost 40 years ago.  It consists of of a range of unique excercises and techniques developed to help joints and vertebrae slip back into their natural positions without "clicking" or "crunching". 

Dorn is also more than just a therapy; by continuing the work of the Dorn therapist with simple self-help excercises carried out at home, and following good posture advice.  Dorn steps up to become a long term joint health maintennance and preventative system for people of all ages.  

 Achieving balance in the body

Dorn therapy states that imbalances within the body is the cause of nurmerous health problems .  For example the spinal column is made of of many vertebrae cushioned against each other by soft discs.  These vertebrae not only support our upper body, but are also responsible for their own particular functions and may cause health problems if out of place.

An imbalance of the hop caused for example by a difference in leg length , can force the spine to sit twisted on a even foundation.  In this situation forces acting on the body through normal daily routine (such as lifting heavy shopping bags) can pull vertebrae more easily out of place, and extra strain on the body's muscles and joints.  This can lead not only to back ache, but possibly other problems eleswhere such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain.  Dorn therefore focuses on restoring balance to the body to help avoid many common health problems.  


 What does the Dorn Method involve?


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