Body massage treatments

Full body massage is a lovely natural, holistic treatment, which helps stimulate and strengthen the bodies systems.  It helps to keep the body energised and de-stressed.  Improves your immune system and therefore helps you fight illness more effectively.

 Massage is a very nuturing therapy, so of course is wonderful for a persons wel-being and peace of mind!  


Other benefits of massage

 Relieves muscular tension, gets rid of aches and pains and muscular spasm.  Tones and firms the muscles and skin.  Helps stimulate better blood circulation and lymph drainage, getting rid of toxins faster.

 Improves the appearance of the skin.  Stimulates the nervous system and makes, a person feel very relaxed and gives that feel-good- factor!

Also helps reduce the physical effects of stress, bad digestion, and helps a person sleep much better.  Calms the mind and emotions, while restoring vital energy.



Body treatments are a fusion of swedish/aromatherapy/hawahiian/deep tissue massage

Or relax soft/light touch massage


30 mins (back, neck and shoulders) £30

1 hour  £60

1 hour and 30 minutes (full body massage) £80

2 hours (head to toe, for the ultimate relaxation experience) £100

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Payments may be made by cash, or paypal in advance or on the day.

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